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 Returns AACDS classification of a variant

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   Returns AACDS and prediction score statistics for each AACDS category.
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Algorithm description
AACDS classifies genomic variants in to 8 categories. Category 1 contains documented disease-causing nsSNP. Categories 2A and 3A represent nsSNPs in genes that have known associations with diseases (2A) or traits (3A), and these are sub-divided into categories 2B and 3B if they are also predicted to be deleterious by three or more programs. Category 4 comprises nsSNPs that are predicted to be damaging but lie in genes that have no clinical associations. Conversely, Category 5 nsSNPs are located in genes that have disease or trait associations, but variants are predicted to be neutral. Category 6 represents neutral nsSNPs, whose genes have no clinical relations.